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Yoga Testimonials

Studying yoga in Anna's classes is to be asked to challenge yourself and your own expectations of what you can achieve. She builds a platform for the challenge with a thorough knowledge of the practice and a keen awareness of each student's situation. To this she adds a gentle good humor that encourages her students to take their practice seriously and their relative successes and failures not at all. It is above all else FUN. -student

Anna's encouragement, attention and playfulness make each class a wonderful experience. She has the unique ability to be both calming and energizing as she inspires her students to challenge their spirits, minds and bodies. -student

Your class was one of the first places in the insular yoga micro-culture that I felt comfortable and welcome. You added a human dimension to an environment that all too often takes itself far too seriously for my tastes. -student

Your class was the first yoga class I ever attended, and was the reason I wanted to keep coming back. -student


Doula Testimonials

To say that Anna helped us out would be completely missing the mark. I just don’t know how it would have been possible without her. Rachel concentrated on the labor, and I concentrated on supporting Rachel, holding her hands through every contraction of the labor. Anna took care of everything else. She seemed to know what we needed before we did. Because she took care of everything else, I was able to devote my full attention to Rachel, and Rachel was able to devote herself to the labor and birth. -proud dad

I was able to have a very positive birthing experience largely due to Anna’s support and participation as a doula. One of Anna’s greatest strengths is in being able to intuit how to be present to the particular needs of the laboring couple. I found labor to be an extremely intimate experience between my husband and me and I appreciate that Anna was able to protect that space for us, while at the same time understanding how she could be present and meet our needs. -proud mom

Anna was wonderful to work with – she is a wealth of information, and provided great suggestions and information leading up to Micah’s birth. She is a fabulous combination of objectivity and experience, grace and tact. Even our doctor asked for her card because she was such a valuable addition to the team who helped us during delivery. -proud parents

After our son was born Christina was very appreciative of the Anna’s continued focus on her, ensuring she ate and drank and was comfortable. And we were both extremely grateful for the post-delivery visit, at which time we were at our wits end dealing with a crying newborn. Anna’s calming presence instantly soothed both our son and the unnerved parents. She departed a tremendous amount of knowledge on infant care, breastfeeding and post-partum exercises/care for Christina. -proud parents

It was very comforting to have Anna totally focused on me and my husband's needs. Something that really stood out was her post-delivery visit, where she sat with me for an hour while I tried so hard to get the "latch" right for breastfeeding (and also demonstrated how to comfort the child as she waited!) Anna's knowledge, patience, and good humor were invaluable and made our birth a wonderful experience! -proud mom

Our baby presented "face up" which caused painful back-labor. Anna had many remedies for the pain, including different positions and applied pressure and ice packs on just the right spots. Amazingly, Anna also recommended positions and movements for turning the baby. To our great relief, the baby turned before being born! -proud parents

THANK YOU thank you thank you thank you. We were clearly right to include you on our Dream Team of support and care. I can't tell you how dramatic an improvement in our life you have very suddenly made. I'd describe it as going from...near chaos, minimal control, severe sleep deprivation, and perhaps not far from borderline panic to...semblance of order, a share of control, moderate sleep deprivation, and cautious optimism which constitutes a major positive change. -proud dad