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Hello Dads. This page is specifically for you: your questions, concerns, and desires for the labor and birth of your new baby. My wish is that you feel confident in your dual roles as father-to-be and labor support person. As a doula, I do every thing I can to nurture and protect this intimate and life-changing event for your family.

Typically, pregnancy and birth related health care facilities, classes, and books are tailored exclusively to the needs of the mother-to-be. This is certainly understandable, but nevertheless disappointing to many fathers-to-be. My doula practice is inclusive of both partners. During our prenatal visits, I will be attentive to your needs, plans, wishes, worries, and concerns regarding labor, birth, and transition to parenting your new baby. When I meet with you as a couple, we will work together to make a plan of support that is appropriate for you. I encourage you to be as involved as you and your partner decide: from simply holding her hand to coaching her through each contraction.

As a father-to-be, it can be daunting to be the only labor support person present. You are expected to be familiar with the process and terminology of birth, to understand medical procedures and hospital protocols, and advocate for yourself and your partner in an environment that may be unfamiliar and stressful. As a doula, I relieve this pressure so that you can be present with your partner and enjoy the process of becoming a father to your new baby. As one father put it, “[My partner] concentrated on the labor, and I concentrated on supporting [her], holding her hands through every contraction of the labor. Anna took care of everything else. She seemed to know what we needed before we did.”

As a doula, I can provide information to help you make appropriate decisions and facilitate communication between you, your partner, and medical care providers. At times you may not understand your partner’s instinctive behavior during childbirth. You will witness your partner in pain and understandably may become anxious or distressed. I can be reassuring for both father and mother-to-be, offering perspective and information on the symptoms and progression of labor; suggesting labor-coping techniques; and offering encouragement. In short, I will never leave you without a plan or with unanswered questions.