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Tribal Belly Dance


Dance classes suspended at this time.

American Tribal Style belly dance is a marriage between traditional belly dance and other dances from around the world. First developed in San Francisco in the late 1980’s, Tribal belly dance has evolved through hundreds of dancers’ interpretations of the movements and gestures. In this way, Tribal honors the dance traditions from around the world while also encouraging each dancer’s creativity and personality to emerge in the dance.

I have been studying and performing Tribal belly dance since 2005. Previous to my interest in belly dance, I was an athlete, soccer coach, yoga instructor, birth doula, and childbirth education instructor. I have 12 years of experience in teaching to diverse learners and will work with you, whatever your learning style and pace, in order to achieve your goals. My approach to teaching is methodical, precise, compassionate, and encouraging. Most importantly, my students and I take the learning process seriously, but ourselves not at all.

If you have tried belly dance before and have not felt successful or are otherwise second-guessing your desire to become a student of belly dance, let me give you my word that my class is a place where everyone has fun, sweats (a lot!), and surprises themselves with their accomplishments.